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Goal and Mission - Customer Service
Van Gogh Inc. - Reliable Drywall, Wallboard and Sheetrock Contractors serving Northwest Indiana, Northeast Illinois and Southwest Michigan.

Goal and Mission - Customer Service

Loyalty     Integrity     Value     Efficiency     Service
What do these words mean to you? To Van Gogh Drywall they are the five principles on which our company was founded and continually strives to maintain.

The cornerstone of our company is based upon Customer Service. Our company works hand in hand with the customer and contractor to insure the success of each job. With clear and constant communication, plans are made and organized schedules are implemented. These procedures are what continually guarantees satisfaction on all Van Gogh drywall and wallboard projects, and have helped to make Van Gogh a trusted and reliable name in Northwest Indiana, North East Illinois and South Western Michigan.

Our employees have years of experience in the hanging and taping fields and are Van Gogh Drywall's biggest asset. Our office staff is also available through the week and anxious to help with any questions or scheduling needs.

Northwest Indiana drywall specialist's second floor work
This house represents our unique style. professional wallboard installation in Illinois - tall round archways
Tall rounded archways are one of our techniques.