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Van Gogh's Process for Superior Drywalling

Our process begins before drywall is hung. Our skilled workers make necessary preparations prior to the hanging of drywall, wallboard or sheetrock. During and after completion of taping the drywall, all areas are swept and made free of debris and drywall mud.

Specifically, floors and windows are cleaned and swept to anticipate the work of the next subcontractor. During the completion process all electrical boxes are cleaned to eliminate the build up of drywall mud that tends to accumulate in these areas, which allows the electricians to complete their work. We insist that the heat be turned on to allow the drywall and mud to dry appropriately. This will eliminate shrinking and nail pops commonly caused by inadequate drying time.

Preparation of Job Site:
We take the time to make out your lights, vents, and pipes that have the potential to disappear behind the drywall during the hanging process. This enables us to check the opening to insure a professional job. Also, we take the time to protect your investment by covering tubs, showers and jucuzzi. Lastly we install a metal angle that reduces cracking in drywall. This is installed where framing members may have the potential for movement. In the end this gives our customer a winning situation!

Our Construction process in IllinoisRenovation of walls in Michigan, before drywall installationExample of our work before drywall and wallboard installation

All joints are cut to ensure the tightest of fits even along vaulted areas. All boards are screwed and glued. Cornerbead is pneumatically stapled to the framing enabling us to use a longer fasenter that has glue along with providing much straighter and less damaged corners.

Reliable ceilings and drywall work in MichiganNotice the detail in this cornerMore Ceiling and Drywall work Taping:
All joints are prefilled with durobond prior to tape being applied. Magic corner is used to again help reduce joint movement and cracking. All jobs are swept clean upon completion of the job so that the next trade member can begin his work without wasting your time and money. We also stress that temperature plays a very important part in the taping process, especially in the winter. Without a steady warm temperature in the house, the mud material may freeze or not dry properly and can cause cracking and nail pops in the future.

Ceiling work before paintDetailed wallboard and sheetrock corners Rounded archway drywall in Lake County, Indiana
Clean Up:
Upon completion, jobs are inspected, scrap materials are removed and tubs are cleaned. When we are finished, your job is clean and ready for your other trades to begin their work to complete your home.

A clean worksite, courtesy of Van Gogh Our competition leaves a mess behind
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